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2020 Meeting and Event Calendar


March 24, 2020
The RCC is honoring the governor’s request
to shelter in place and to practice social distancing   

due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic.
All meetings are suspended until further notice.

The Club has formed a private Facebook group
for our critiques while we are not able to meet in person.
For details and to join contact Sharon or Becque.

Meetings are held at
5601 S. Broadway, Eureka (the Farm Bureau office)
from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
unless otherwise noted.


January 7                Board meeting
January 11               Regular meeting
January 25              Regular meeting

February 3               Umpqua show take down
February 4              Board meeting
February 8              Regular meeting
February 22            Regular meeting
February 28            Night shoot
February 29            Drop off at Mad River Hospital

March 14                  Regular meeting canceled
March 20                 Newsletter submission deadline
March 28                 Regular meeting on private Facebook group

April 1                        Newsletter published
April 4                       Regular meeting on private Facebook group, 2nd quarter challenge “Wet”
April 12                     Easter
April 25                     Regular meeting
April 26                    Pick up from Mad River Community Hospital show at 11:00 a.m.

May 9                         Regular meeting
May 23                       Regular meeting

June 13                       Regular meeting
June 20                      Newsletter submission deadline
June 27                      Regular meeting

July 1                           Newsletter published
July 11                         Regular meeting
July 18                        Humboldt Photography Exhibition entry
July 25                        Regular meeting

August 8                    Annual picnic
August 22                 Regular meeting

September 12          Regular meeting
September 20         Newsletter submission deadline
September 26         Regular meeting

October 1                   Newsletter published
October 10                Regular meeting
October 24               Regular meeting

November 14          Regular meeting
November 21          Regular meeting
November 26         Thanksgiving Day

December 6            Holiday party
December 12           Regular meeting, annual challenge “From Dusk to Dawn”
December 20          Newsletter submission deadline
December 25          Christmas