Westerdam 02 © Tom Bethune

2019 Meeting and Event Calendar

All meetings are held at the Boy Scout Council Office from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

at 1007 Wood Street, Eureka, CA unless otherwise noted.

January 5            Arts Alive! reception “Three” at Swanlund’s F St. Foto Gallery
January 12          Regular meeting
January 26         Regular meeting

February 9         Regular meeting
February 10       Hang Mad River Community Hospital show (Round 1)
February 20       Newsletter submissions due date
February 23       Regular meeting

March 1                Newsletter published
March 3               Update Mad River Community Hospital show (Round 2) 
March 8               Night shoot in Old Town
March 9               Regular meeting
March 23             Regular meeting, first quarter challenge “Reflections”

April 13                 Regular meeting
April 20                Newsletter submissions due date
April 27                Regular meeting
April 28                Take down Mad River Community Hospital show  

May 1                     Newsletter published
May 11                   Regular meeting
May 25                  Regular meeting

June 8                    Regular meeting
June 10                  Board meeting at Boy Scout office
June 20                 Newsletter submissions due date
June 22                  Regular meeting, second quarter challenge “Round Things”

July 1                      Newsletter published
July 13                    Regular meeting
July 20                   Humboldt Photography Exhibition entry day 
July 21                    Hang Humboldt Photography Exhibition
July 22                   Humboldt Photography Exhibition meet the judge 
July 27                   Regular meeting

August 3               Hang Hagopian show 
August 3               Humboldt Photography Exhibition Arts Alive! reception & awards
August 10             Annual picnic, lunch at noon
August 16             Humboldt Photography Exhibition pick up
August 17             Humboldt Photography Exhibition pick up
August 20            Newsletter submissions due date
August 24            Regular meeting, Astrophotography presentation 

September 1        Newsletter published
September 14      Regular meeting
September 28     Regular meeting, third quarter challenge “Abandoned Buildings”
September 28     Hagopian show take down

October 12            Regular meeting
October 14            Intake for “Seasons” show at RAA Upstairs Galleries 
October 16            “Seasons” show at RAA Upstairs Galleries show opens
October 20           Newsletter submissions due date
October 26           Regular meeting

November 1         Newsletter published
November 2         Arts Alive! for RAA Upstairs Galleries show 
November 9        Regular meeting
November 16       Take down “Seasons” show at RAA Upstairs Galleries
November 23      Regular meeting (previously scheduled for Nov. 16)

December 6         Holiday Party 6:00 p.m.
December 14       Regular Meeting, annual challenge “Abstracts”
December 20      Newsletter submission due date