Manse on the Loch © Alison Pritchard

Thomas Bethune (Second Place Award & Unique Vision Award), David Callow, Pam Cone, Steve Conger, Jon Exley (Award of Excellence & Unique Vision Award), Sharon Falk-Carlsen (Award of Excellence), James Hawley, Jack Hopkins (Award of Excellence), Steve Lemke (Unique Vision Award), Becque Olson, Mary Ann Machi (First Place Award & Unique Vision Award), Diana Minton (Award of Excellence), Alison Pritchard (Unique Vision Award), and Diane Williams (Unique Vision Award)
of the Redwood Camera Club in the North Coast Lens (online exhibit)
The Redwood Camera Club in collaboration with the Redwood Art Association
(formerly the Humboldt Photography Exhibition) 
Opened July 22, 2020
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Thomas Bethune (Award of Merit), Jon Exley (Award of Merit), Steve Lemke,
Mary Ann Machi (Award of Merit), Jeff McCallay (4th Place), Alison Pritchard (1st Place) in
The Redwood Art Association
62nd Fall Exhibition Online
Opened August 26, 2020
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Jon Exley, Sharon Falk-Carlsen, James Hawley, Jack Hopkins,

Stephen Kamelgarn, Dick Kidder, J. Rose Kidder,  Steve Lemke,
Barrie Love, Jeff McCallay, and Stilson Snow at

The California Redwood Coast – Humboldt County Airport
3561 Boeing Avenue, McKinleyville
June 2020 – June 2021
Coordinated by the Redwood Art Association